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What type of cleaning service do you require?
Property Type
Do you have extra Bathrooms?
How many extra Bathrooms?
Do you have extra Toilets?
How many extra Toilets
Do you have extra living rooms?
How many extra living rooms?
Do you have extra Kitchens?
How many extra Kitchens?
Do you have appliances such as Oven to be cleaned?
Choose the appliances need cleaning
Do you need carpet cleaning?
How do you want your windows cleaned?
Additional Areas
Do you need blinds to be cleaned?
Do you need sofa Steam cleaning?
Please choose the sofas need cleaning
We will use a steam cleaning with water extractor machine
Do You need Curtains steam cleaning
How many curtains
Curtains will be cleaned using steam cleaning machine
Do you need Mattress cleaning?
Please select the mattresses you need cleaned
Do you need pressure washing service?
A Jet Washer is primarily utilized by pressure washing services for outdoor areas.
How do we access the property?
If you’re making a booking for the following day, please ensure it’s done before 4 pm. Bookings made after 4 pm may be subject to availability constraints
What is your preferred starting time?
This is the location of the property to be cleaned


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